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Here’s the proof that #eufaula Main Street is on the National Register of Historic Places. #lakeeufaula #historicplaces
This is the large wooden sign from the old Katy Railroad Depot. #katyrailroad
Hanna's basketball team was the conference champs in 1949. Some of the team members listed are: B. Bartlett, G. Putman, F. Gray, B. Burns, and S. Buck.
State National Bank was 90 years old and published this calendar with great pictures of early Eufaula.
This map is undated, but it labels the Interstate as "under construction." A "new super highway" is shown that will eventually replace the old 69 highway. However, the route on the map is slightly different from what was actually constructed.
This is the cash register from the old Hardware store on Main Street. It is a formidable piece of furniture. It was manufactured by NCR in 1924 and ran on electricity.
Presenting the 1952-1953 EHS Football Team. #eufaulaironheads
This is a road sign from the early 1960s identifying the Highway 9 road project connected with the construction of the dam and reservoir.
A letter jacket from a 1963 EHS graduate. He went to high school in what's now the Wellness Center at High and Main and played football on the field by the swimming pool. The jacket is wool and leather.
This is program from the First Baptist Church Centennial celebration. It includes a brief history, an extensive timeline, and a listing of pastors and staff. The cover shows the original church which was east of the white building that now houses Under One Roof.
This book has been an invaluable resource for us. During the Main Street project, hundreds of old photographs of Eufaula were reproduced in this fascinating book. If you're lucky enough to have a copy, guard it carefully. If you've never seen it, the Eufaula Memorial Library has a copy.
One of the decisive battles of the Civil War in the West was fought in Indian Territory and there were numerous skirmishes along the Texas Road. This is one of the books we have in our library about the #CivilWar in Indian Territory. #Oklahoma #history
This is Lee Roy Selmon's #NFL Hall of Fame trading card. He is quoted on the back, "My first year was a learning year. My second year, I developed a pass-rush technique. In my third year, I began to execute what I had learned the first two." He also mentioned that he credits Coach Paul Bell for introducing #football to the #Selmon Family.
Here's a float probably from the 1958 Homecoming Parade. Is this the Jefferson Davis Fourth Grade Class of that year? Recognize anyone?
This an "automatic" price tag maker from Harkey's 5 & 10. You can see the handle on the right that you turned to operate the machine and the place for a roll of price tags on the left. The drawer on the bottom is full of little numbers to load into the printing mechanism.
This is a picture of the old Bunny Creek Bridge. It must have either been frightening or exciting to drive across. Can anyone tell us when the new bridge was built?
This is a photo showing the extent of flooding of the North Canadian River in 1941. The caption on the back of the photo claims that this was the last car to cross before the bridge went out. Does anyone remember how high the bridge was above the usual level of the river? Frightening!
Caption reads "Indians waiting for payment. First Nat'l Bank Eufaula I.T." The I.T. stands for Indian Territory. #oklahomaindians
The Janeway-Lauhon Trading Company and owner out in front in 1911.
Who can ever forget enjoying a warm breakfast or lunch around the center bar at JM's? A highlight of the history of our area for decades. #Oklahoma #resturants
Here's an oft reproduced picture of Foley Avenue taken at the railroad yard. Lots of interesting details. Notice the impressive size of the Tully Mercantile, the building on the right. It was three stories tall and stretched from what is now Front Street all the way to Main. #Oklahoma #lakeeufaula
We are proud to display our Rails and Roads exhibit that illustrates the change of the area over time. Stop in on Saturdays from 10 to 2 and check it out. #Oklahoma #lakeeufaula #railroads
Our museum is open on Saturdays from 10 to 2 or by appointment. Stop in and check out our exhibits and collections from the area. #Oklahoma #museum #lakeeufaula
This photo shows Main Street looking north from the Foley Avenue intersection. Notice the pull-down shades on the right and the awning on the Foley Building. August in #Eufaula was hot then, too. #Oklahoma #oldtimephotos