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This is a picture of the McCombs Family residence on East Broadway. The first part of the house was built around 1904.

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We are determined to make this a first-class museum.

We have done our homework and the necessary background preparation. Now comes the fun part.

Founded in 2015, the Eufaula Area Museum, although currently without a permenant location, is dedicated to the safe-keeping of historically significant objects and is actively seeking out and accepting donations of items for current preservation and future exhibits.

We need your help!

There are plenty things that you can do to help get our museum started! Click on each of these projects to find out more:

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March 13, 2016

We are accepting donations!

The Eufaula Area Museum is pleased to announce that we are ready to start accepting items for inclusion in our collection.  Although we do not yet have a location for the Museum, we do have several storage facilities where we can safely and securely store items until we are ready to begin to create displays. Museum representatives will be available at the Lake Eufaula Association building on South Main from 10 to 3 on Thursdays

The Museum Board

L to R - Front row: Karen Weldin, Connie Morris, Kay Owens. Back row: Chris Whelan, Mike Wendel, Gary Moores, Bud McCombs
The Museum Board - 2016
The Museum Board - 2016


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